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About Mark Binder

Hi, I'm Mark Binder* 

I write and tell
—edgy stories for adults
—delightful stories for children and families

        in print, audio and live in-person

*No, it's not a pen name!

Why Patreon?

Great question! Patreon is a crowd-funding platform that allows me to release my newest videos, stories essays, and books directly to supporters who contribute. 

Patrons also get to influence the work…
 As a patron, you can suggest topics and themes. You can also be a listener or reader for early drafts and works-in-progress.

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What I Release On Patreon:

written stories, audio stories, videos, essays, books in progress, exclusive updates from the road and/or recording studio and more! Past patrons have received Advance Review Copies and more!

I like what you do, but what if I don't want "Kids" stories?

You can pick the kind of stories I send you by choosing the "tier". Family stories won't have the dark edges. Adult stories aren't pornographic, they're for grown-ups with challenging topics and language. (Too much explanation? But in today's politically correct world…)

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My books and audios are all over the place - AudibleAmazonGooglePlayBooks, GooglePlayMusic, iTunes, Deezer, Pandora and Spotify. If you've got a platform we haven't hit, let me know.

Who are you, and why do you do this?

My work ranges from live spoken-word storytelling and comedy to written and audio books.
I'm nearly always either on tour or in the studio writing and recording.
After two decades of focusing mainly on young people, I've begun to break out with material for grown-ups.
  • For families with children, my goal is to transmit joy with story—for diverse audiences of all ages.
  • For adults, I try to push the envelope while telling great stories with vivid characters.
I've written more than two-dozen books and audio books, won lots of awards. (Check out the full bio)
Your Patronage will make you part of my ongoing process of creation, production and postproduction of a huge variety of projects. 
  • Short stories • Long stories • audio stories
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  • Touring!

As a Patron, you'll get exclusive first looks at everything I create, plus access to my back catalog, advance stories, and be able to read secret excerpts, give feedback, get secret stuff and more. Funds will go toward writing, office expenses, professional editors, and designers as well as audio engineers and more.

Again, when you become a patron, you can choose which kinds of stories you'd like to get:

  • Family friendly (G Rated)
    --> Check out this sample Family post -  The Boy With Bad Manners
  • Adult-oriented (i.e "Literature", some with explicit language.)
    --> Check out this sample Adult post —  Old Scratch Nickels
  • Everything — both Family and Adult
Thank you so much for your time. Most of all, I appreciate your listening and reading.
— Mark Binder
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