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Access to Private Blog!

$5 /mo
This will provide Patrons access to my private blog here on Patreon that will include unreleased material, including unaired content/bloopers, insight into the writing process, and every exclusive ...

Preview of Reviews!

$25 /mo
At this level, Patrons will get access to ALL REVIEWS on both Mark Reads and Mark Watches before they are posted. Preview posts go up on Wednesday (Mark Watches) and Thursday (Mark Reads) mornings....

Slack Community!

$35 /mo
At this level, patrons will be invited to a multi-channel, private Slack community that I run. There are lots of conversations, I plan to liveblog things here, and there's a dedicated Q&A forum...

Private, monthly livestream!

$50 /mo
You will gain access to a monthly livestream (lasting at least 30 minutes) that airs here on Patreon, using the Crowdcast app. Even if you miss the live event, it is archived for your viewing. Cont...

Monthly Bonus Commissions!!!

$100 /mo
At this level, patrons can do the impossible: request one commission a month for free of LITERALLY ANYTHING THEY WANT, as long as it still falls within the general rules of commissions. That's righ...