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Supporting the Giant robots and pretty ladies

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A warm feeling for helping support my work. All pledged money goes towards kits, supplies, tools and equipment.

Once we get $50 per month for 3 months it will kick off the Patron Appreciation giveaway! Your chance to win a prize with a minimum value of $50! 

The robots and ladies thank you

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The same warm feeling as above. All money generated goes towards supplies, kits, tools ect. 

Patrons will be entered into a monthly give away for prints of finished works. 




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I am Mark Dunmore, also known as MD Modelworks on Facebook.

I build models. Mainly mecha and resin figures. I also build and paint wargaming miniatures.

I am a regular contributer to and winner of the Model of the Year contest 2017.

The purpose of this Patreon is to help support my work and to expand what i can do with regards to video and written reviews of GK kits and all other kits that i get my hands on, along with tutorials on how i do things. Pledges will allow me to devote more time to my work.   

Money generated from your subscriptions will go in to buying GK and other kits for review, upgrading my recording and editing setup. It will also go towards supplies and tools ect. 

Of course i don't expect you fine people to just throw money at me ( although it would be nice!).

Patrons will, depending on pledge level be entered into monthly giveaways for prints of completed works and miniatures. The winner of the miniature can even get it painted by me if they so desire,

At this stage i want to keep rewards as simple as possible. As the the Patreon grows i will be adding higher pledge levels for greater rewards such as GK kits and completed figures and models. I will also be lowering the pledge levels that are currently set as more people pledge. The more people who pledge to more prizes i can give away!  

I will also be starting live-streams and possibly private hangouts for patrons. Live streams will be on Twitch and archived on YouTube. 

Please don't feel obligated to pledge. I will keep doing what i am doing but it will just take longer. 

And if you do pledge. Please only pledge what you can afford. Any amount is welcome and appreciated.

Thank you   
$1.58 of $50 per month
Live Streams will start. these will be wip streams of what  have on the bench at the time.

If this is meet for 3 months it will kick of the Patron Appreciation giveaway! 
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