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Archaeological sites that survived five thousand years of human history, deliberately destroyed, never to be seen by another generation.

Thousands of works of art looted by the Nazis, still unaccounted for, still awaiting restitution.

A piece of history that becomes an object of controversy a century after it is sold.

A museum masterpiece, discovered to be a forgery.

Behind the prestige of the art world and the timeline of history there is another story, little known: one that is threatening to destroy some of our greatest achievements. Art crime—theft, looting, trafficking, and forgery—isn’t just academic, it is directly relevant to the world you know and the news you hear every day. And if you have ever been inside a museum, travelled to experience another culture, or walked through a historic site, without even knowing it, you have become part of the story.

My name is Valérie Thibodaux, and I started Markham Caerus to try to understand what art crime is, how to prevent it, how to respond to it, and what we lose when a piece of human culture is destroyed. I started this Patreon project because everyone I talked to about my research—people with no connection to art or archaeology—was surprised and interested. They had never heard of art crime before, but as soon as they thought about it, they started to wonder, and began to ask questions. I want to answer those questions for everyone, and Patreon is an incredible platform to do just that. Getting involved starts with getting interested and getting informed.

Subscribe to the Explorer level to get access to all posts—public and Patron only—and find out about a world hidden behind the headlines. Become a Groundbreaker to go above and beyond in supporting this project. (Thank you!) Sign up to be a Scholar and get a personal response to a new question each month. Or decide that you want to get involved and be a Curator, working with me to choose a new post topic each month. Can't become a patron right now? Please keep coming back - I will post free content every month, so everyone can learn more about cultural heritage. And visit Markham Caerus on the social media links above. (Or possibly below, depending on what device you are on!)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts

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