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By pledging $1 per finished song, you'll get a downloadable version. 

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    That's really helpful, thanks! By pledging just $5, you'll get downloadable versions of all three of my albums released under the band moniker "New People." This is my slickest sounding material. By staying at this level for a few creations, you'll have earned yourself CDs of any new material that gets released, if you're into that kind of thing.

    In addition, if you stay at this level throughout the creation of the Mark Lint's Dry Folk album (so 12 songs at $5 in support each), then you'll have earned the right to an hour-long get-to-know-you Internet chat with Mark about music, philosophy, or whatever.
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    Now we're getting somewhere. With a $25 donation, I'll happily send you a package with 4 of my CDs in it.



      About Mark Lint

      Mark has been writing songs since around 1987 and has 15+ releases to his name, but most of these are in need of cash for remixing/remastering, as are new songs, in order to actually get finished, up on iTunes/Spotify/Bandcamp/etc., and sounding as good as they can sound. This is a place to make a pledge per finished studio recording. These are for the most part terribly clever with often infectious tunes and/or stark emotional honesty. To listen to many past works, visit

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