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About Mark Marshall

Well, hey there!  Thanks a bunch for visiting. 

You probably know me from Facebook... or else from right here in Kingston, where I live and create.

That video above?  That's just a little raw sample of me doing what I've been doing for a very long time... playing all the notes and turning it into something.  And then I sing along.  :)  

In the long run.... I write the song.  I play every instrument... sometimes it's guitar, or piano, or bass, or drums, or once in a blue moon, bad sax. 

I do every vocal, both lead and backing.  I engineer and produce every track.  This can get pretty complex... as you can see from this shot of a single song in my studio (you can click to enlarge it if you want):

In that track alone, there are 16 backing vocals, 1 lead vocal, 6 electric guitars and 1 acoustic guitar, piano, organ, strings, drums and bass.  As you can imagine... this takes some time! (and coffee.)

Here's a very short excerpt of what that rough mix sounds like:

Pretty cool, right? 

To give you an idea of just how much we have to share...

I'm nearing completion on roughly 33 songs right now.

And I have another 25 or so waiting for my attention. 

Some of them are Rock... some Pop... some instrumental... wherever my heart and ears take me.

I've been writing and recording since I was 11 years old - but I didn't have the gear to do it right. Over the course of time, I gathered the gear - but making a living takes a whole bunch of my time, and takes me away from doing this.

So I'm asking for your help - and your involvement! Your support will help me not only make the time, but help with expenses (like mastering the audio, shooting videos, artwork and photography, getting CDs made, etc.)...

and it'll let us share in the process, and the coffee, together

We'll spend a bunch of time together here:

And other places too... like when I travel to another studio to do vocals... or take a walk into town for inspiration. 

I post weekly patron-only status videos and song updates... updating you on what's been completed, and sharing how I write, and work in the studio... and I give you kind folks downloads of the ongoing work and completed tracks as well.  I also do a monthly patron-only Google Hangout to answer and ask questions, and share a beverage or two with you.

Plus... if you folks help me meet my highest goal here on Patreon, it'll allow me to take my music live with a proper 7-piece band.  I already have most of the players lined up, but I won't let them do this for nothing.  The music needs to be properly charted and rehearsed, too. 

I'll also get to make some videos for the songs... something I love to do! (I'm actually a pretty good video editor to boot.)

One thing I'm absolutely sure of - I was born to make music. 

Your ongoing support will help me do just that - and nothing would please me more than to take this journey with you.

To wet your whistle just a little more... I'll leave you with a crash sampler - 18 samples of upcoming stuff I'm working on, in 5 minutes! Thanks for listening, and for your support.

$24 of $1,500 per month
Complete the Born Wired, Let It Go and This One Love albums -  33 songs in all.... final mixes and photography/artwork.
And, most importantly, ongoing creation of new songs!
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