Mark Pearson is creating Songs and Stories from Home.

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Supporters at this level are pledging to pay $2/month aide with this collective exploration of what it means to be home.  As a thank you, I offer you an autographed CD of your choice.  Above is pic...

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Pledges at the Rhapsodes level of $5/month will receive two CDs of their choice in gratitude of their support for the telling of this journey.  Above is pictured my solo album, "Soundtrack of a Jou...

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Patrons at this level of $10/month are most welcome.  I thank you for being a part of this exploration of home, and would like to offer you a copy of the DVD of the 2017 Benaroya Hall Concert that ...

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Patrons at this level of $20/month will receive my most sincere gratitude and a DVD of the Benaroya Hall Concert, and a copy of Gratitude Grace & Grit, which marked the end of one journey and t...