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If we unearth we are lost.

We live off each other, the wild animals we pursue and our deepest sense of humanity tied in ironic symbiosis, the irony being that we love and kill and care for our prey, in order to maintain the precious balance between life and death and to ensure the circle of life remains what it has always been. To wall our human hearts from it breeds confusion and anxiety and the result is what we have done to ourselves in the modern, urbanized world.
We must allow our bodies and minds to live with wild animals in wild places because we are whole only when we assume our role as predator and presider and ultimate decider of what kind of world we live in.
We’ve never been closer to the tipping point where the balance of humanity loses its grip on our true role, but there is time to return if we circle back and find the path.

We simply must hunt and fish in order to save ourselves, and the animals we prey upon, from an unnatural demise.

Here on my Patreon page, I create stories that celebrate why we hunt and fish in wild places. Why wild places hold the key to everything. Why we have to preserve them, and work to improve them. This is the place where I make my case for what I believe to be the reason we were put on this planet.

You will find two free pieces, one about fishing, one about hunting, to see whether you think you would enjoy reading (and viewing) what I have to offer. Here's hoping I see you inside!

Mark Strand has covered the outdoor traditions of fishing, hunting, and shooting since 1977. He has written for nearly every outdoor magazine, has authored or co-authored 14 books, is a filmmaker and podcaster, and happily lives the life of an outdoor generalist, hunting & fishing for whatever is in season, wherever he is at the moment. He is proud and humbled to have been inducted into the Minnesota Fishing Hall of Fame, alongside the legends he has interviewed, fished with, and written about over the years.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
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