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✰Access to Patreon exclusive illustrations
 -You get access to at least one illustration exclusive to Patreon each month. (The result of the Patreon Dynamic of the month, see below) 

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✰Participation in the Dynamic of the month
-You get to participate in the Monthly Patreon Dynamic where you would participate in the concept, situation and/or species of at least one illustration. Your suggestion is subject to voting and the winner gets drawn. Theres also an alternate version where I set up scenarios/species/etc in a poll and you get to pick from them and the poll with most votes gets drawn. This illustration will be exclusive for patreons.

Patreon Dropbox Access

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✰Drive/Dropbox Patreon folder access.

*Participation in the Dynamic of the Month.

*Access to a Private Google Drive/Dropbox (your choice) folder where I upload my work and some exclusive content.

 This reward isn't automated and I have to grant access one by one so please have patience as it takes some time to make a list and then grant access)

About Mark Wulfgar


 My name is Marco, also known as Mark Wulfgar. I've been doing illustrations for a living since arround 2002, Patreon has allowed me to grow as an artist and make a decent living off my art with your priceless help every month. Many of you already know this, but for those who doesn't, patreon and the ocassional commission is my main and only source of income.
 By becoming my Patreon, depending on the ammount you pledge and after it shows on the "benefits owed" list, you will get access to my Google Drive Patreon Folder, where I store my work, new and old. (I also have a Dropbox copy of the storage if Google Drive isn't for you, please let me know in a private message if you'd prefer Dropbox).
 Depending on the ammount you pledge, you can get a variety of different rewards, starting with participating in at least one patreon-exclusive dynamic where an illustration exclusive for patreons will be done, You can also get access to Google Drive/Dropbox, Get a monthly sketch, an inked piece or even a fully colored two character pinup.

Thank you for your interest in my artwork and your kind patronage!

Don't forget to give me some feedback, please! Tell me what you think what would make this experience better and more fun for all of us!

(Every reward is granted only once the pledge appears in the benefits owed list that Patreon generates once the pledge has gone through and never before. You have to ask for your sketch/ink/colored pinup as early in the month as possible so I have time to work on it. If you don't request your reward by the 15th of each month (with some exceptions), your rewards don't accumulate or stack, say, you can't just let 5 months go by without requesting your reward and  then ask for 5 pics (I have to organize my times, if I get a bunch of drawings at once I won't be able to finish all my workload of the month). However if by any reason you request your reward on time and I wasn't able to deliver during the month, I will either upgrade your sketch to ink or color if possible or make an exception and let it pile up so I'll work on the reward I didn't finish and your month's reward.. Unless the reward specifies that you get more than one character, you get one character in your reward. If you have any questions, send me a private message)
83% complete
An steady lifestyle!
 With this, I would be able to take less commisions and focus myself in you, the patreon, while I could also focus on personal projects. Working on something that isn't a commision for a change.
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