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About MarkyJoe1990

Special Thanks to Avraxas for the beautiful banner art. Check out his channel by clicking here!


I make video game commentaries on YouTube, also known as Let’s Plays. I also occasionally do videos on Fire Emblem analysis. The focus on my channel is on Fire Emblem and its ROM hacks. Sometimes I do other stuff such as make music, art, rom hacks, or whatever else strikes my fancy.

I am most well known for my Ragefest Contest series. Ragefest is a special contest where people create difficult Fire Emblem hacks for me to record. For further explanation, click here.

Why Am I Here?

I love making videos, but it can be time consuming. Since I have both a job and college, it can be difficult to make time for my hobby. That’s where you come in. My vision is a future where I can spend less time at my job and more time making content. By supporting me on patreon, you are putting me one step closer to that vision and making my life easier and happier.

What I Charge For

Notice how it says that I charge specifically for videos that I deem worth charging for. I take this rule very seriously. Here’s what videos you should expect to be charged for, and how often you will be charged:

  • Fire Emblem commentaries - Every video
  • Non-Fire Emblem commentaries - Every two videos
  • Rambles - Every three Videos
  • Announcements - Never
  • Everything else - Depends on the levels of effort and quality. I might ask before I charge.

My reasoning is this: People come to my videos for Fire Emblem-related content. They are most likely pledging to get more Fire Emblem content. If I give them something else, they’re more likely feel disappointed. They might also feel dissatisfied if I make a low-quality video, then charge for it. With this system, I hope to keep patrons happy and, by consequence, willing to continue supporting me. Above all else, I value being ethical in my decisions, so this also helps keep away guilt that I am undeservedly receiving money.

Pledge Low, But Set A High Max

This is just my personal opinion, but you should not pledge over $1.50 per video. If you’re going to pledge, make it $1, and set your maximum monthly contribution to what you actually want to give me. I want to have to earn that money; it keeps me ethical and motivated (I know I’m suggesting I’m not naturally a good person, but in my opinion, part of being a good person is knowing you’re never immune to the dark side), and gives me reason to continue uploading videos over the course of the month, which is a good thing long term. Also, if you pledge high, but only pledge once per month, it artificially increases the displayed earnings per video, which might affect how “well off” people perceive me as, or screw with stretch goal loopholes.

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