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About Marleemutt

Heyo, I'm Marlee! I'm a black, nonbinary, digital artist who draws and animates animal people to put myself through art school!
I've been drawing digitally since 2014! I go by Marlee, and in August I start classes toward becoming a 2D animation student! I love creating character designs, writing stories, drawing for other people, and bringing characters to life!

Why Patreon?
I chose to continue my career as a freelance artist on Patreon because I want to get a feel for what making constant content for others is like! Also, I start attending - the very expensive - Pratt Institute in Brooklyn this fall, and I could use the money monthly to pay for food, art supplies and the other necessary parts of living on my own! Patreon is an opportunity you as a viewer/commissioner to support me continuously!
What Kinda Content Will I Get Out Of It?
You like cute, anthro, animal people? Maybe some video game characters? Or do you want me to draw your cuties? Monthly? Yep, that's what this is about! Exclusive access to commissions, adopts, polls, sketchbook pages, requests, animations, speedpaints, etc. that won't be posted anywhere else!

Check me out on TwitterInstagramFuraffinity and Tumblr if you haven't already for regular commission slots!

Can't donate every month? No biggie! Buy me a Kofi and get a shout out on my insta story!
My earnings goal is to reach roughly $200 a month! This will cover my monthly tuition payment!
Every Patron means the world to me! Regardless of your tier, you will all receive a spot on my shout out tweet every month you continue to be a supporter!
Thank you so much for your support! <3

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