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About Marlokai Equine Rescue

Have you ever seen the videos and pictures of the hundreds of horses jammed together in pens and trailers on their way to slaughter and a cruel death? Well we have and have made it our mission to rescue as many of them as we can.
These are not the only ones that we strive to save. There are many horses that are mistreated and abandoned or left to die by their owners. If we can't take them we will make an effort to find others who possibly can. 
But, all of this comes with a cost, and we must rely on donations to further our cause and work towards our goal. 
COVID-19 has increased the need for rescues. Some horse owners are no longer able to give their horses the care they need and deserve. And that is where we come in!
You can help! Would you consider becoming a virtual sponsor of one of our horses? It takes as little as 5 or 10 dollars a month, more if you can afford it, to provide a bale of hay, a bag of grain, a Veterinarian visit......when we put all the donations together we can make it work.
If you choose to Virtual Sponsor a horse we will send you a certificate with a brief history of the horse when it's known, and monthly updates of it's progress.
Visit our website Rescued Horses or our Facebook page Marlokai on Facebook for a look at the horses and the fund raising events that we are promoting.
We hope that you consider supporting these gentle loving giants.

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