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In 2007, I decided to create a parsing tool based on Earley's algorithm -- like yacc, but more powerful. I called it Marpa. In technical terms, this succeeded beyond my imaginings: Marpa was what people had originally hoped yacc would be.
Marpa was a joy to work on and I had been lucky with Sun stock options, so that originally I was glad to self-finance my work on Marpa. Now I need to find support for my Marpa work from the open-source community, in order to avoid turning my energies elsewhere.
I will always work on Marpa, to whatever degree I can. Your generous contributions can help. Even $1/month is appreciated -- it's symbolic and nobody would study parsing if symbols were not important.  $10/month is helpful, and $100 or more makes you a pillar of the Marpa effort.
Thank you!
$114.97 of $2,500 per month
At $2500 a month, I will be able to devote full-time to Marpa.
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