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About Mar Qaroll

'Lo, ev'ryone! My name is Mar Qaroll. I am a born and raised Nutmegger (from Connecticut, USA). I am a disabled black transgender writer of diverse, dark adult stories. A metalhead, melanophiliac, and melomaniac, I have been writing longer than I've known the English language. Despite this, I have only truly started my writing journey since 2017. I am truly a beginner at the art of writing and am embracing it!

Wielding words like loaded guns, I write stories that typically aren't for the faint of heart, treading a severely dark grey line— and proud of it! All and I mean all of my stories take place in the Paneidoverse, a massive science-fantasy universe with over 40 original tales within!!

Normally, I find myself writing character-driven stories with dark, tragic plots, and m/m and h/m or h/f pairings.

Other, nicer stories exist too...! I think...😅 

My dream is to become a full-time self-published author, one that can sustain an independent life while doing what I love. There's a lot to do before I can even begin to think about getting my stories on shelves—because, yes, there are complete stories waiting to go up there! 👀

By becoming a patron, you are helping an up-and-coming indie author! Benefits of becoming my patron and joining my smol community include:

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Aiding the indie author and writer community!

My tears of joy and sincere thanks! 

Learning about the super-secret that is DeVerse, my life's work! 👀

I plan to add more benefits as I am able to!

Thank you for your consideration, time, and if you'd like a taste of my work, do take a look at my free work and samples!

If you choose to support me, thank you so much! I hope you enjoy my content, and suggestions on more rewards are extremely welcome!

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