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About Married2TheReal

We are Married2thereal, a reaction/comedy channel where all we want to do is use our videos to inspire and make people laugh. A husband/wife, best friend duo that keeps it real at all times and will keep you laughing! 
We made this page for all of our supporters and all money raised will be spent on more/better video equipment etc. All supporters will be posted either in a video or description of some sort. Thank you for letting us into your lives and hearts.

...its a new month so you will receive a new link once pledges go through, and lose access to the old link.
Anyone signing up should know access takes 24 to 48 hrs, it is not instant.
To keep the playback from being exceeded? Right click the ep, copy or download the episode, watch the copy.
Don't see anything in drive? Refresh or wait until they populate.....everyone shares the same drive so the content is there.
Please always read posts, thanks so much again for the support and we hope you enjoy this months content!
New patreon tiers also avail, check em out and thanks again for supporting us!!
100% complete
Hello Realists,
This goal is for anything to help grow our community, better editing software, camera equipment and computer upgrades so that we can get you more content faster, This will also be used to fund google drive (avail soon). As always thank you for your continued support!
Hiring a part time editor to be able to get more content to you guys!
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