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Every new 3d asset will be posted as a link to the sketchfab or marmosette viewer. So you can rotate and view model freely.
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We post bug gliches pics and vids here, sometimes they are funny so much so must bee witnessed at least by someone. Feel free to be closer to development

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About MARS 2000

MARS 2000

MARS 2000 is a realtime strategy inspired by Command and Conquer series. It is developed by Space Crab Development. 

Space Crab Development - who are that folks?

We are a little group of oldschool RTS fans. During giant period of time (over 6 years) we were practising in making game mods and total conversions so we reach some kind of perfection for each one of us in our directions of work. We are trying to make ideal strategy game for us and other people, who share our vision and we are working really hard on it. Our development is not sponsored, so we are doing all the things by ourselves - there is only 5 of us in our team. (programmer, 3d artist/backgrounds artist, gamedesigner/video artist, sketch artist and a level designer) we are trying to use modern technologies and we are working the best to our abilities, because we love our project . If you really like our realtime strategy or just want to support us we will be very pleased! (We don't have any money - just bare enthusiasm).

What it is all about 

This game offers you a brutal and balanced gameplay in a dieselpunk setting. Deceptively recognizable mechanics, that will show you lots of new tasty things, when you try them.

Single Player

Our single player campaingn tells the player about confrontation of 3 forces - 1 Industrial Cohort, Earth Liberating Force and mysterious 3 side known only as "Those Robots" with a pretty good lore on each side. As our tribute to the C&C series we offer you a delightful thing: pretty cinematics with live actors and a storyline which blow your mind!


As it was said it is easy to start (yeah friends, we know that there are lot of C&C fans here) and hard to master. We have done a big work to balance our rosters and give you opportunity to set up your own. There are a lot of combinations you can make using special theme packs - build your own deadly force. Also we have done a big work, developing our net code. Yes we know how annoying all that nasty multiplayer things and bugs are.


We hope, that there are a lot of people who miss golden age of rts genre. But it is all in our hands, so let's do it our brothers and sisters in arms! :)

Sincerely yours Space Crab Development

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