Marsfall is creating a science-fiction audio drama (podcast)


$2 /mo
Thank you for joining our mission to Mars! As one of our colonists, you will be issued the following items in return for your support.
  • Early access to episodes
  • Select music tracks...


$5 /mo
Alright Engineer, you need to be prepared for anything and everything to go wrong on this mission. In addition to the standard issue colonist items, you will also receive:
  • Additional music...


$10 /mo
All of our colonists depend on you for survival, Doctor. In addition to your Engineer and Colonist kits, you will also receive:
  • Full episode scripts
  • An “Ask me Anything” with crea...

Lieutenant Colonel

$25 /mo
Lieutenant Colonel, your support is invaluable to the success of our mission. In addition to the previously mentioned colony supplies, you will also receive:
  • Marsfall T-Shirt
  • A pe...

High Commander

$50 /mo
You’re the reason we’re all here, High Commander. To thank you for your invaluable service, in addition to the previous items, you will also receive:
  • Marsfall coffee mug
  • ANDI will...