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About Marsha Hinton

When I first started to develop and produce Restless Shores, the business advisors that I met with told me over and over again that this project probably would not be commercially viable. Also, these advisors warned that younger generations wouldn't be interested in soap operas. While I respected the wisdom of these folks, I believed in the project and committed to it.

Less than a month after launch, surprise! Restless Shores is doing better than expected. Not only did a fan base begin to emerge after only four episodes, but these newly minted fans wanted an increase in frequency so that they don't have to wait to find out what happens next.

That's why I'm here on Patreon. Money is needed for an increase in episodes to pay actors and writers, cover business expenses, and maybe even get the recording studio out of my living room and into a more appropriate space.

By supporting Restless Shores, you will allow me to increase episode frequency and might even push us over the top and permit the development (and jobs for more actors and writers) of another "not commercially viable" ongoing podcast series.

Besides, who doesn’t want scandal, intrigue, and salaciousness 15 minutes at a time? Come with me and let’s walk along Restless Shores.

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