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  • Self Introduction
Hi, I'm Marshall. I'm a student from the University of Tokyo.
I made a website to help people learn Japanese single-handedly.
The URL is

  • Reason I use Patreon
As you can see on the homepage of this website, there are 1983 lessons and 5556 quizzes for 100% free and ads-free.
But it's not realistic to keep a free website running without your support.
I won't use ads because it will hurt user experience.
And I lost my part-time job because of covid, in order to keep the website running and cover the cost, I decided to use Patreon. 
My goal is to consolidate everything into a single place, and I'm aiming to create the complete guide to Japanese language.

  • About the Price
I will never set up price.
Because I want everyone in this world to be able to learn Japanese at a price he/she can afford.
So just type the price you feel comfortable with.
By the way, you won't be charged until the end of first month.(For example, if you become a Patron in April, you will be charged in the last day of April)

  • About the Update
Note: I will upload 10 extra contents every day, but you won't receive email notifications for them (I don't want to bother you with emails).
Instead, I will make an announcement in discord server, Facebook group and Marshall's Site Forum once a series is all uploaded on Marshall's Site.

  • What you can get by becoming a Patron
By becoming a patron, you can ask me to make anything you want to learn.(Just PM me, and I will make them for you), and access 1000+ extra contents immediately:
(Note: You can find a "♡Patreon" Link in the nav menu of Marshall's Site. So you can access these extra contents easily on the website.)

Genki Textbook Grammar Review Course:
I will help you review every grammar point in Genki Textbook and provide more example sentences than Genki textbook. So you can understand these grammar points better.

①Particle Course + Particle Cheatsheet (pdf file, 25 pages)
②N5 Grammar Course (pdf file, 96 pages)
③N4 Grammar Course (pdf file, 187 pages)
④N5 Set Phrases (pdf file, 32 pages)
⑤N4 Set Phrases (pdf file, 40 pages)

①N5 Kanji Flashcards.

More flashcards are coming soon!

Input Quizzes for JLPT Course (with Leaderboards):
In order to help you remember vocabulary and kanji, I made many input quizzes to help you. 
①Input Quizzes for all N5 Kanji. 
②Input Quizzes for all N5 Vocabulary.
③Input Quizzes for all N4 Kanji.
④Input Quizzes for all N4 Vocabulary.
⑤Input Quizzes for N3 Kanji. (already finished 30%)

I'm making Input Quizzes for N3 now. I will finish them as soon as possible.

Vocabulary Input Quiz Example

Kanji Input Quiz Example

Leaderboard (to keep your motivation)

Input Quizzes for famous textbooks (with leaderboards):
①Vocabulary Input Quiz for Genki 1 Textbook (12 Lessons in total)
②Vocabulary Input Quiz for Genki 2 Textbook (11 Lessons in total)

Reading Materials with furigana and vocabulary list:
①Japanese Fairy Tales with real people's voice clip and vocabulary list. (64 stories in total)
②Hundreds of useful sentences I picked up from anime. You can use them directly in daily life. (200 sentences in total)
③Japanese reading materials with voice clip, vocabulary list and vocabulary input quizzes.
④Japanese Funny Stories.(27 stories in total)
⑤Japanese Famous Sayings.(10 lessons in total)
⑥Long Japanese conversations with real people's voice clip.
⑦Japanese short reading materials for beginners with voice clip. (30 lessons in total)

Vocabulary Courses:
①Japanese adverb courses with example sentences.(50 lessons in total for now)
②Japanese Katakana word course.(50 lessons in total for now)
③Japanese Type-1 verbs course with example sentences.(50 lessons in total for now)
④Japanese Type-2 verbs course with example sentences.(50 lessons in total for now)
⑤Japanese Type-3 verbs course with example sentences.(50 lessons in total for now)

Other Extra contents:
1.Verb Conjugation Input Quizzes to help you remember verb rules easily.
2.Japanese Sentences by Category. (20 categories, 400+ sentences in total for now)
3.Japanese Vocabulary by Category. For example, vocabulary about time, vocabulary about food. (30 categories in total for now)
4.Spoken Japanese organized by Category. For example, express happiness, express sadness.
5.Mock Test PDF files for JLPT Exam.
6.Counting Things In Japanese.
7.Learn Japanese from lyrics. (input quizzes to help you practice vocabulary)
8.Words with irregular readings. (don't follow the kunyomi or onyomi of kanji)
9.N5 Set Phrases (32 lessons in total)
10.N4 Set Phrases (40 lessons in total)
11.All Verbs that end with う. (340 verbs in total)
12.All Verbs that end with く.(340 verbs in total)
13.All Verbs that end with ぐ. (50 verbs in total)
More contents are coming soon!

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1,300 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1,300 exclusive posts

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