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About MarshmallowMaximus


Hello, sweeties!

I'm an artist who has always wanted to dabble into modeling cute/sexy things. I've been a fan of vintage pin ups for a long time and I've always wanted to do photo shoots in a similar, yet modern taste. I enjoy cute things, fantasy, video games, and pastel and earthy colors! I'm not necessarily a cosplayer, but I would like to create a few cosplay sets here and there! By supporting me on this Patreon you will help me continue creating the content that I love most, art and artistically lewd pictures!

What are the benefits of becoming a patron?
When you pledge to my Patreon, content will be uploaded here on this page so you will have the entire month to see some exclusive lewds. Entire lewd sets are now solely available via my e-junkie shop, which I will provide the link below.

Depending on your pledge, you could have immediate access to:

Exclusive Lewds
Pasties, Feet pics
Video Clips
My Private Snapchat
Artistic Nude Photography (no pornography)

Please read my FAQ below before you ask any questions, but please don't hesitate to message if you have any other questions that aren't answered below!


I’ve been getting overwhelmed with the amount of messages I get concerning how my Patreon works. Please, please, please read this before asking any questions!

“I pledged today, where are my rewards?”

-Rewards will now be posted directly on my page throughout the month. 

“I can’t find your Snapchat!”

-For some reason, Patreon mobile doesn’t show the “Featured Tags” section on my page. Go on a PC and find the Featured Tags section and click “Snapchat”. There you will find my username.

“You never added me back on Snapchat”

-I don’t add people back on Snapchat ever since I received many unsolicited snaps back from my patrons that made me very uncomfortable, but I have my settings set to “Anyone that has my username can see” my snapstories. So, as long as you have added my username, you will be able to see my snap stories. Just be sure to send me your username on Patreon so I recognize you and don’t block you by mistake.

“You haven’t posted on Snapchat all week. I want my money back.“

-I’ll be honest with you, there is no way I can post every day because I don’t feel good or sexy every single day. That’s why I always try to post 1-2 times a week. I don’t have a set schedule, but some weeks I may post a lot, and some weeks i might not post at all (especially if I’m not feeling well or extremely busy with projects and other personal matters).

“Let’s chat. How are you? I want to get to know you. Can I marry you? I’m depressed and need someone to talk to.“

-I get questions like these a lot...and they are the most overwhelming. I’m so so so so sorry, but I can not afford small talk and, as much as I’d love to help you feel better about any troubles that you may be going though, I am not a therapist. I have my own anxieties and insecurities that I, myself, need to work out.

Well, those are what most people ask me. I hope I was able to answer your questions! Again, please try to understand that I get nearly 100+ messages a day and I can’t get to every single one and I’m really sorry about that. I’m only one person who has a lot on their plate. I’m doing my best!

Again, all future full sets will now be available for purchase here:

(Nothing I create will have pornography. I solely take cute/suggestive photos/clips of myself.)

You can also find me on other social media here:


And if you would also like to support the art I create, please check out my other Patreon that's been solely for the support of my artwork (You could have access to all of my high res uncensored NSFW art for just $3!)

My Art Patreon

Thank you so much and I hope you all take care!
85% complete
I'll be able to purchase better lighting equipment for photos!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 251 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 251 exclusive posts

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