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About Marsia Shuron

Would you help me have a great show? JOIN TODAY and receive a free "Patron Only" music download of a very special song. AND, if you sign up at the "Blessing" level (see tiers), you'll get your very own Mini Whirld - Fluid Art painting! You can of course, opt out of patronage anytime you like, though I do hope you will stay until the show hangs. Thank You So Much!

Welcome to my Patreon page!
My name is Marsia Shuron Harris, known to many as Mother Turtle. I am a Fluid Art painter and teacher, and the creator of what I call, "Whirldz of Imagination." Musically, I am a songwriter, singer, and I play guitar, a little piano, and some percussion. As a photographer my passion is Fine Art Portraiture and enhancing images. I also facilitate an interactive workshop called Healing The Stories We Tell Ourselves With Mother Turtle. You can find out more about that on the Mother Turtle website ( ).

Thank you for taking the time to learn about me and my work. 


Fluid Art Painting by Marsia Shuron

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"Snorkeling" by Marsia Shuron - Fluid Art Painting with Epoxy Resin Finish

Your Patronage Supports My Sustainability As An Artist

Fluid Art Tabletop by Marsia Shuron

MUSIC - My Soul
(...beginning stages of my writing a song. Sometimes, its just one line at a time!)

My life as an artist has been an interesting journey. Over twenty five years spent as a performing musician. I began my musical journey as a solo artist and street musician in the early 90's Harvard Sq. scene. By 93' I was half of the Key West duo Aye (we received some stellar reviews, toured a little, and recorded a really nice album that you can find on my website above). The band Mother Turtle (a soul, rock, jam, jazz, dance band, also on the site) came after that. Today, I'm focused less on performing and more on writing, recording, arranging, experimenting, and navigating new technology in the studio. There are many projects on the docket. One of them being, to arrange and record a beautiful orchestral piece of music that has been years in the making. I look forward to working on and witnessing this unfolding. An orchestral piece people! So new to me, and really exciting. It really is a beautiful piece of music!


Photographs by Marsia Shuron
My love affair with photography has been long. I fell in love with it at age 7 when my parents gave me a Brownie camera for my birthday. I'm dating myself... Who remembers those? I got mine around 1970. In '78/79 I shot images for my high school magazine and was introduced to SLR cameras and black and white photography. I fell head over heels in love with the dance between light and shadow.

Eventually, I found myself at Art School in Boston, and immersed myself in the medium. Fine Art Portraiture became my passion. Today, I am still passionate about photography and after a long hiatus, I am back behind the lens, capturing little tots, and lovers, seniors and all sorts of others. There are prints and photo books and shows to hang. Want to help? Become a Patron.

Someone recently called me a Renaissance woman. I didn't know what to think, so instead of pushing them away, I let the words ring in my ear. Hearing them, and allowing them to sink in felt exhilarating. The words danced in my heart and I suddenly felt free. Free from limitations and the expectations of others. Free to be me, in all of my complexities, idiosyncrasies and short comings. Free to pursue the many passions that I enjoy and am good at. There is so much art yet to come through me. So much music in my heart and ears, so many, many melodies, recordings to be made, paintings to pour, photographs to be captured and printed, videos, workshops, and yes, much more! I do so love this artful life. I am comforted in knowing that what I do does make a positive difference in the lives of others. A mission to which I am committed. Your patronage buoys my artist and makes it possible for me to accomplish my artistic goals. That means the world to me. Thank you so very much!

With love & gratitude,
Marsia Shuron Harris/Artist
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Reaching this first goal will help me to purchase the epoxy resin that I use to create my Whirldz of Imagination Fluid Art. With the resin, I can then put the finishing touches on the pieces that will be exhibited in my solo show, "Beyond The Earth," coming up in February at the Augusta Savage Gallery. Your support is truly appreciated! Thank you for helping me to reach this goal.
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