Mars Rising Films is creating YouTube Videos

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  • Access to our Patreon-only live feed, where we'll release high-resolution behind the scenes pictures of the video and make other important announcements.

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You are the backbone of our Patreon supporters.
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  • You get an exclusive, download-only Mars Rising Films poster.
  • A download-only poster for the video we just released.

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Ever wondered how the script is different from the final product? Ever wonder what a script looks like? Ever wonder if I can actually spell?

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YouTube compresses video like crazy. See it how it was meant to be seen! Get a Quicktime version of each entertainment video.

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  • High-quality download of each video

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Producer level!
Live director's commentary and Q&A on each video. Also available for download if you can't make the livestream. (We will take questions from Twitter as well....

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What the WHAT?!
You are amazing! And I want to show it. Once a year I will make you a personalized video telling you how awesome I think you are... it's possible I might sing it...

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Hangin' Around
Once a month I will be doing a live Google Hangout where I will answer questions, screen share my project files and answer anything you want to hear, whether you ...

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You wanna be a star, don't ya?
Come on out to L.A. and we'll put you in a walk on part in one of our upcoming videos.

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El Grande Patrøn!
I love you but you're crazy. So get your crazy-ass face-to-face with my crazy-ass. A meal with the creators of the videos. (You are responsible for your own tr...