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Layered PSD files of new paintings

  • Early access to new paintings. Work in progress, sketches and behind the scenes photos for upcoming paintings.
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  • Layered PSD files of new paintings
  • Early access to new paintings. Work in progress, sketches and behind the scenes photos for upcoming paintings




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About Marta Nael

My name is Marta Nael, and I'm a freelance illustrator
whose clients include Blizzard, Deep Silver and Planeta. 


As an artist, I struggle with having time to create personal paintings. I believe most artists do, and that can drain you mentally and psychologically, leading to the so feared art crisis. Your contributions allow me to create what inspires me and makes me happy, whether that's standalone paintings or parts of bigger personal projects, like my own IP. I feel so lucky for having the support of those who already decided to join as patrons!! 

THANKS for willing to help me to somehow be a bit closer to my dream of painting what inspires me and my inner world and, consequently, to be happy!


Each month, depending on the tier you choose, you will:
  • See the PROCESS behind my art
  • Gain insight on HOW TO DRAW
  • Receive FINE ART to decorate your home

  • See the PROCESS behind my art 

    Sketches I don't show, process gifs, me at my studio or even the PSD files or VIDEOS of the whole process of my paintings.  


  • Gain insight on HOW TO DRAW 

    If you pledge a little more you will also receive some breakdowns with written advice on creating art. These files will contain technical information on how I approach a painting, fundamental knowledge like composition, values, color, etc. 


    If you choose the mentorship option in God tier, you'll get three 60-minute sessions of online video chat with critiques, paintovers, demos and exercises, arranged to best fit your schedule. 
    Art Collector  and Guardian Angel tier patrons can also choose mentorship instead of Fine Art.

  • Receive FINE ART to decorate your home

    All these traditional pieces are unique, so you will receive an exclusive traditional piece on paper painted with either pencil, ink, watercolor or acrylic and signed (and dedicated, in case you want it). These rewards are limited and only for my Patreon family and at a reduced cost compared to my online store. Frame not included. 


You get an A4 black and white sketch of the ones I have available. These sketches are usually painted with pencil or ink on white or beige paper. Examples:


ART GOD - 25 x 32 cm / 10 x 12 in ORIGINALS

You get a sketch but in color. These pieces are usually painted with pastel and watercolor on paper. Examples: 


 For commissions just contact me at [email protected]



  • You'll be charged when you become a Patreon and then at the beginning of each month.
  • You can edit your pledge at any time.
  • Please make sure your address is up to date if your tier involves a physical reward
  • For higher tiers, you might want to get it just once. Cancel after first payment, and get the reward just once!
  • Tiers are subject to change, depending on the amount of patrons. New tiers may appear as my Patreon grows.
  • The prices you'll find in these rewards are limited and only for my Patreon family. If you want more elaborate or larger commissions don't hesitate to contact me at [email protected]
  • Shipping might take 3-4 weeks depending on your location. Please be patient. 

$355 of $800 per month
If I reach 800$ per month, I'll add some voiceover to the timelapse video recordings of my work, explaining why I'm making those choices while painting it!
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