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Hi Everyone!

I've been writing and making art for over a decade and am excited to share it with you. I do illustrations, zines, podcasts, essays and poetry.

By becoming a patron, you get access to everything I post on my page. 

THE BEST the five dollar level because it includes an ongoing subscription to my zine!  AND - coming in MARCH 2020, FREE enrollment in my online writing group. (But there are a lot of other levels to subscribe at...check out the rewards!)

What People Have Said About my Writing: 

Cheryl Strayed, author of Wild and Tiny Beautiful Things:
"With immense vulnerability, wit and insight, she writes about so much — money, sex, chronic illness, gentrification and her jobs cleaning houses, investigating insurance claims and working in a cheese shop, among other things."

Award- Winning Author of Bluets and The Argonauts, Maggie Nelson:
"In a style one might describe as raucously droll, Grover takes the decidedly mundane and rotates in the light of her dead-aim wit. Here’s one page in entirety, which combines a Lydia Davis-esque minimalism with Grover’s wry feminism: “I ask my father to read an article about male entitlement and emotional labor. ‘Can you just tell me what it says?’ he says.” The universe here sketched—punctuated by cleaning jobs, so-so sex, the toll of chronic illness, the growing seep of the internet into our lives—is both original and timely, and Grover is a curious, companionable guide throughout."

Jeff Vandermeer, NYT bestselling author of Borne and the Southern Reach Trilogy tweeted:

"I devoured Martha Grover's The End of My Career on the plane from Portland to San Francisco. Frank, funny, sad at times--beautifully observed. Basically, it doesn't matter what she writes, I'm gonna want to read it. She's that kind of writer."

What People Have Said About my Artwork: 
"That doesn't look like me"
"My mom didn't like it."
"You made me look too beautiful"
"I look like I have chin hair in that drawing."

- Since 2003 I have published more than thirty issues of Somnambulist Zine. The writing in my zine includes nonfiction essays, interviews and occasionally poetry.  I also do comics and artwork. 
- I've done illustration for three books, three album covers, one magazine, and countless commissions, art shows and my own zine. 
- My two published books include One More For the People and The End of My Career both by Perfect Day Publishing. The End of My Career was recently a finalist for the Oregon Book Award in Creative Nonfiction! 
- My written work has appeared in The Collagist, Portland Review, Vol.1 Brooklyn, The Portland Mercury, All Dressed Up With Nowhere To Go, Switchback Journal, The Coachella Review among others....

What I do with the money:
1. Postage
2. Printing
3. Art Supplies
4. Travel
5. Podcasting/Computer stuff
6. Occasional help with my zine
7. Having the peace of mind knowing that I have a steady income from my art! 

Check out: for more information about me and to buy individual issues of my zine.
Thanks so much for your support! 
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It also means that (most of) my rent is paid.  Thank you so much for your support! It means the world to me!!
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