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About Nocash

I am working on debugging tools and hardware references for old computers and video consoles since 1990's. Some of my bigger (and more popular) references are:
gbatek.htm - gba, nds, dsi reference
psx-spx.htm - psx reference
fullsnes.htm - snes reference
All projects are accompanied by no$xxx debuggers, allowing to develop and test homebrew software on PCs. All of my software is fully written in assembler language - a dying art, which isn't valued too much nowadays, although people are still crediting my software as insanely fast on some occassions.

Apart from those I do also like working on less popular systems once and then, I do particulary like the 8bit ZX81 for it's neat black and white graphics (it was also the first computer I had seen as a child, when I was still believing that computers were laser armed robots).

My projects can be downloaded on my homepage,

Your support will allow me to continue my work. I am making no promises which projects I'll be working on next, but I hope that I've contributed a few useful things in the past 20 years, and hope to release more similar stuff in future.

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