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In line with the language and journey for Zoom Regenerative, Patreon 'regenerator' has been renamed as Patreon 'Pollinators'. Taking the good 'pollen' shared from ZR's and pollinating other networks, practices and importantly education.
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  • supporting renegerative thinking
  • regenerative newsletter (regen-notes)
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About Martin Brown

You are invited to become a Fairsnape Patreon and join me on our regenerative journey, through Zoom Regenerative and other inspiring programmes.

Through Fairsnape I have, over the last decade and more, been sharing sustainability and regenerative thinking freely through talks, keynotes, workshops, through mentoring, blogs, articles, papers and in publications, and lately through a myriad of online events development sessions and events such as Zoom Regenerative. 

Covid19 is changing the consultant landscape for many, including myself.

I will continue to give freely, but delighted to now offer the opportunity for those who find my contribution useful, on individual or organisational journeys, to become a Pollinator Patreon, to support my work, and in doing so receive:
- Zoom Regenerative news and blogs
- Regen Notes newsletters and Q/A sessions
- Reduction on FutuREstorative and upcoming books

Together we can really speed up our journey towards a future that is truly regenerative, enables life to thrive and brings real success and joy for all.

Thank You.

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts

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