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is creating Practical Philosophy Videos
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Summaries and overviews of various philosophers' works, and particularly Spinoza, Kant and Schopenhauer, but also the stoics and others. Typically 2 or 3 podcasts a month.

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Coverage of several philosophers works in detail, particularly Spinoza, Schopenhauer and Kant - although there will be others too. Includes practical exercises to increase understanding. Typically between 5 and 8 podcasts and videos per month, suggested exercises.



About Martin Butler

Your happiness or otherwise is your responsibility. Martin Butler has worked with people in the Gurdjieff tradition (particularly Rina hands who worked with Gurdjieff) and the zen tradition. More recently he has studied western philosophers such as Spinoza, Kant and Schopenhauer.

This channel provides practical knowledge on how to live a life worth living instead of one that has been acquired by default. It isn't easy work and so it will not be attractive to most people. Even so, sages throughout the ages have shown how we can acquire inner freedom and contentment, and this is the primary focus of this channel.

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