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About Martin Geddes

I put this text together when my focus was on tech and science more than world affairs and MAGA. I have left it unchanged so that you can see where my journey has taken me.

I am dreaming of a better kind of Internet, and also building it. One located on the individual, with human values, and humane purpose. What we now need has to be performant by design, secure by design, private by design, and ethical by design. This implies new requirements and architectures, linking morality to mathematics. The challenge is profound, and unavoidable, if we wish to pass on to our descendent an information infrastructure to be proud of.

With this in mind, for over a decade I have written about the future of technology, especially computer science, voice services and packet networking. It is a both passion and a pleasure to be able to offer fresh thinking about these important subjects. I believe I have created significant value over that time, creating a body of notable public works with my own voluntary effort and at my own private expense.

This work has gained a significant following, and I greatly appreciate the encouragement and positive feedback I have received. I am asking you to support me in my quest to push the boundaries of our technological understanding even further, and to spread novel ideas about its positive new uses.

There are real out-of-pocket costs involved in travelling to meet people, attend events, buy books and reports, and equipment, and disseminate what I have written. Running a business has overheads that aren't being covered when I am researching and writing. Attempting to trade food for telecoms advice at the checkout in Tesco provides high amusement, but few essential provisions.

Money has a symbolic value, as well as a practical one. Exploring fresh thinking by definition means frequently going "off piste" from the commercial and academic mainstream. This can be a lonely place to be. There are career risks and personal costs involved (there's no pension!). Even with the smallest level of support acknowledges this, and is especially important when the journey proves burdensome.

NB: When you contribute at a higher tier, you also get the benefits of the lower tier(s).

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