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About Martin Kavík

You came here because you or your team likes to write fast and reliable apps in Seed. And I want to make your app development even faster and more enjoyable.

I'm seed-rs founder, maintainer of many Seed-related repositories, administrator of Seed's forum & chat and contributor to official Rust tools like wasm-pack. You can find more info about me on my website

Your support helps me to create and improve many Seed projects, including:

  • Seed UI - layout and style libraries/tools for rapid app development.

  • Seed - API design and implementation, documentation, examples, ...

  • Seed's forum and chat - faster answers, better management.

  • Seed RealWorld examples - updated architecture, docs and build pipelines.

  • Book Seed - From Zero to Hero.

  • Lightweight alternative to crate url so you can use you favorite HTTP client without file size problems.

  • Rust full-text search library and Seed BootstrapUI library (once my clients publish it).

  • And many more!

Seed is almost full-time job for me and I don't want to slow down.
Thank you!
$36.62 of $3,512 per month
Past this point, I will stop working as a Freelancer to supplement my income. It would mean: working full time and exclusively on Seed! This would have a major impact on Seed development, user support and documentation.
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