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is creating research and teaching on distributed systems

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About Martin Kleppmann

I am a researcher in distributed systems and security. I write books, develop open source software, create teaching materials, give talks and lectures, and publish original research. Most of what I do is given away for free (videos, code, research papers), or is very cheap compared to the value you get out of it (such as my book).

Some of the things I plan to do over the next few years:

Supporting me on Patreon is not a donation, it is an investment. The return on your investment will be in the form of outputs that you will hopefully find valuable: explanations, insights, discoveries, and open source software. Without your support, these things will not be created, because I will have to waste my time writing grant proposals instead. Support me and I will work hard to ensure that you get a lot of value in return.

If you have found my work useful – for example, if you have applied ideas from my talks in your work, or if my book helped you get a job – then I would be especially delighted to welcome you as a supporter on Patreon! More background on why I'm using Patreon in this blog post.

If you cannot contribute financially, worry not. I equally appreciate your support in the form of contributions to the open source community, discussing interesting ideas with me, and sharing useful material with others. I will continue to engage with you and answer your questions, regardless of whether you are a paying supporter. And most things I produce will continue to be free, so that everyone can benefit from them.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts

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