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Hey I am please that you have found my page! My name is Martin, I do illustration, art, and at time photography all of that from Montreal, Canada.

I am on Patreon for one simple reason; I want to share with you all that I create! Simple right? Actually there is more to it than sharing, I am here so you can help me create! And the reason I need your help Is because I want to be autonomous in all of those creation and be able to give back more than I receive and create what I could not hope to accomplish on my own.

In the last 15 years I've explored a lot of art mediums, drawing and painting were my main means of expression at this time. Around 2008 i've started to learn glass work technics with my father, a long time stained glass artist. While working for the family glass shop I learned how to work with light and how to use different iconographic elements in many personal projects. A few years later I went to art school and after a bit more of exploration with different mediums. Later on I was the owner of a video production company and a freelance photographer. Later on, I decided to stick to drawing, watercolour and photography as my main mean of expression. Since these means of expressions are wonderful story telling medium and, like stained glass, it is a great way to get creative with light.

The work I do mostly revolves around self awareness and consciousness trough theme like nature, alchemy and science. It is with strong spoken images that I wish to move my public emotionally and mentally and bring a deep reflexion about the way we live. I also see myself in some ways as a photojournalist and a modern anthropologist. Trough many projects that I have been working on in the last years this later aspect has become more noticeable trough my work. I have always strongly felt that our personal and social history is what define the individual and help the society to evolve. In many way keeping a raw and unaltered record of it will help further generations. 

Trough this journey on Patreon, I will post a lot of stuff for you to enjoy; Video journals, exclusive podcast, behind the scene, photography drawings and concept and once in a wile a few helpful tips on the "how to" of being a creator. So, are you ready to help me, jump in with me in this creative undertaking?  I hope you are because I'm already hype about all that we can achieve together! Because ultimately I wish to be able to produce series of photography about the society that surround me. Artwork about the world we live in and the in and out of our modern days culture. Hopefully it will influence us toward a better and more socially conscient environment. 

Nothing is to big to deal with if we all do our little part. 

If you wish to have a peek at what I am doing you can go and check out those pages: 






Thank you very much for your patronage!

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