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Hey, I’m opening up for receiving help along my journey as an activist for animals, nature and humans. So thank you so much if you for some reason are supporting me or are thinking about it. 

In 7th grade I decided to become a special soldier, because I thought it was so wrong how few people in the world could do so much harm to others. But, if that is possible, then it’s also possible to be one person doing a lot of good to others, I wanted to be like that. Later in life, and after learning about our world problems, I changed my view of what special solider I wanted to be. Not anymore just for humans, but also for animals and nature.

On my journey to find my best way to solve world problems, I have become an activist for 10+ organizations, started the organization World Saving Hustle, organized activism events and generally helped fellow humans, nature and animals where I have been able to. My lifestyle is also super human-, animal- and nature friendly. I’m vegan, minimalist and zero waste.

The way I have done this is by working a full time job in the summer, then saved up and sustained myself with that for a longer period of time. I’m now running out of money, and would after the plan look for a new job. Then I would have to slow down my activism and projects, so I have decided to reach out and see if there is anyone who wants to support me with my activism and projects.

I have all the necessary equipment, camera, microphones, water bottle and a ten pack of bamboo toothbrushes. So the money I will spend from now on is for only the necessities like food, phone bills, transport and the organizational costs of activism and other projects. I will also make a rule to not buy unnecessarily expensive coffee and food when I’m out and about.

I will do my best to make the world a better place and if you need help with something then hit me up, I want to help where I can.

Thank you for reading through all of this. The entry to support me is only 1$, and everything helps! The people who support me will receive rewards and get access to different levels of content based on the pledged amount.
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If I reach this goal I could upgrade the way I work, perhaps get a part-time personal assistent or mediaperson to help document my life and reach more people!
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