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Get access to all the (mostly) SFW comics I post, as well as the NSFW versions of those, and the entirely NSFW comics I'll be making. Yes, Mistress!

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You'll have access to all the SFW and NSFW comics I make, as well as pinups I'll be making of the characters. You'll also get notifications about when I do live streaming drawing events. Come hang out with me while I make some art! Your safeword is: "kumquat"




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Hi! I'm Martin Whitmore, the artist & creator of sUBLIME - a comic about a fruit named Lime, her partner Limòn, and the rest of the sexy, delicious fruit folks in their BDSM/kink community. I'll be creating both SFW and NSFW comics about all of their adventures, along with plenty of pinups and other sexy artwork for your pleasure!

I want this to be a healthy, inclusive community. Everyone in sUBLIME gets consent before play begins, we don't kink shame, we stop when someone safewords, and all characters depicted are 18+.

I'll post announcements when I'm going to do a live drawing session, with a link to the stream. I'll also periodically ask for suggestions for the NSFW pinups and artwork - which characters you'd like to see, and what kinds of scenes you want to see them in.

Thanks for being a part of this - I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Tighten your straps, adjust your ball gag, and let's have a good time!

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