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About Marty Johns

I started working online in 2007 because I could no longer tolerate being told what to do by my employer.

I made an immediate profit using Clickbank selling a beat making product on Adwords. It was easy way back then as you could link directly to the product with your affiliate link.

I was hooked. Ever since then, I have been creating many income streams by creating websites and selling other peoples products. One of those products was a forex product, which I also invested in so that I could write honest reviews about them.

That is why I created Acorn2oak-fx. Since its inception the website has evolved and it now has information on all forex niches from managed accounts to copy trading. It is also a comparison site that you can fill out a series of forms and you will be sent up to 4 of the most appropriate providers in any forex niche that meets your criteria.

Other income streams are investing in property for rental income and capital growth, eventually. I have invested in managed forex accounts also with varying success.

I also have my own SEO business to help people get their websites onto the top of Google so they can benefit from the vastly increased amount of visitors to their sites.

This channel is purely designed to give you an insight into various forex niches.

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