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is creating words & videos on consciousness, creativity, culture.
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About Martyn Webber

Exploring present-moment awareness together.

"The unexamined life is not worth living"

I'm a spiritual teacher and writer who helps people discover and awaken to their true nature and essential freedom as boundless, ever-present awareness.

In my work I draw on many years of study and practice in different spiritual/wisdom traditions and teachings, but ultimately I share from my own direct experience of the nondual nature of reality.

What is our nature, what is the nature of reality? What is it we must discover? Is there actually something that we must un-learn?

Have we been conditioned out of, away from the natural truth, our Natural State? 

How do we discover our essential freedom?

These are the questions that I explore with my work and here on Patreon. My great love is this spontaneous exploration and expression of deep and profound truths of our shared humanity, and the opportunity to engage and converse with others. 

I write about the nature of consciousness, creativity and the creative process, and the culture at large. I work with individuals on-on-one and with groups to facilitate the discovery of their true nature.

Everything I do is offered freely on a (optional) donation basis. My only aim is to continue in this work of writing, speaking, sharing, exploring.

On my Patreon page I'l be sharing writings and videos either exclusively here or before they're published elsewhere. I'll also share my inner musings, thoughts and reflections; 'behind the scenes' content and 'workings-out' that won't get published on my public blog, Youtube, etc. There'll be opportunities to talk with me, ask questions, make suggestions. I see Patreon as an opportunity for connection and community.

If you wish to support me in this work I warmly invite you to become a patron.

Thank you.

In love and service.

- Martyn

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