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After studying animation in Tokyo, I (Mar) worked in a managerial marketing position while starting my own media company "Maru Exposito" on the side!

My goal is to craft compelling stories that make people happier so they enjoy a better life thanks to the values received through our work. Plus, we aim to help environmental organizations (♡ animals).

This year I just jumped part-time so I have more time to craft ANIME projects and share the adventure on YouTube. You can expect videos (anime, vlogs, interviews) where I deliver heartwarming messages and prove to myself and others you can be an artist in a demanding industry and enjoy life ;)

I LOVE what we do, but it proves increasingly challenging: the benefits $$ still can't cover the studio expenses. So I am pressuring my savings: the clock ticks against us.


(Update: We have favourite collaborators such as Catherine, but mostly Mar gathers any team/support necessary for each project)

Our values:

  1. Stories contain life-changing messages.

  2. No filler content to prolong the story.

  3. Stories don’t support gambling, smoking, drugs, homophobia, racism or war.

  4. We push into developing environmentally friendly creative processes.

  5. High importance on publishing content that meets deadlines and set expectations.

    P.S. We are also the creators of WINDY LIGHTNING COMIC, within the Believe in Fake Magic saga. The comic production has paused while I do animation, but we plan to continue this story in the future!

    The Return the Favor animated short film is a new adventure inside Windy Lightning's story:

We're looking forward to meeting you!
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We are now covering our monthly studio expenses! Drawing materials, software, hardware, stationary, legal stuff,...

Mar is no longer using savings (ticking bomb here) and unattractive-slow tricks to make animation, illustrations and videos. We can even consider resuming Windy Lightning comic!

And if that is not enough: All Patrons will receive a Return the Favor animated short film 10 page PDF with High Quality images! See (some exclusive) big Wendels, dragons, and their magical world.

Your generous support gives you a voice into our creations and a future for our studio! Thank you and welcome to this fantastic adventure together :)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 149 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 149 exclusive posts

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