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It's not much, but thanks! This is the most basic way you can support me. It's meant for people who are short at money, but still want to support me, nevertheless. In this tier, you can already have access to work-in-progress and incomplete sketches, sketches which I may or may not color in the future. Also, exclusive patron-only art/drawings you won't find anywhere else. Plus, with enough patrons, I might add you to my list of Patreon backers in my future YouTube videos.
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Get higher resolution version of my pictures, bigger than what I've submitted in DeviantART, Fur Affinity Weasyl, etc. and everywhere else. Perfect for printing. Plus, 25% discount from all future art commissions. (Must prove that you're a pledging patron when commissioning.)
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All of the above rewards, plus 50% discount from all future art commissions.




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May 26th, 2016 update: I'm in the process of completely refurbishing my Patreon page, in order to eliminate the silliness that used to be when I first started my Patreon page many years back. That means removing empty promises I'm unable to fulfill, reworking the pledge tiers, and basically trying to be more active on Patreon as hard as I can be. I will also try to spread the word about my Patreon page more. Thank you for your understanding.

Hi, guys! =3 I am Marwan, that cute green little critter from DeviantARTFur Affinity and Weasyl. After several months of thinking about it, I finally decided to start a Patreon page.

More specifically, I draw cartoons and write music as a hobby. Sometimes, I even do Source Filmmaker videos just for fun. I'm currently unemployed, and since I realized that I probably won't be making that much money from commissions and ad revenues generated from my SFM videos posted on YouTube, I decided to try my luck with Patreon.

Creating art is not that cheap. My parents repeatedly tell me to, as long as I'm still unemployed and doing freelancing work, try to make a living with my hobbies. Gain as much money as I can so I can support the family. With more money, I can buy better software, better tools to produce more artwork and music, and at the same time, support my family. And besides, my father retired from work since 2013, so the burden and responsibility of supporting the the family's income falls onto me.

I'm not sure if my Patreon campaign would eventually be successful, but it doesn't hurt to try. I know that I'm probably not a popular artist, so I probably don't get much attention as those other artists out there... But, if you decided to support me, then I will greatly appreciate it. ^_^ Thank you for your help. And I'm sorry if my introduction seemed rushed or unclear.
$15 of $100 per month
This is significantly more money than what I've gained from my monthly YouTube video ad revenues so far. It means that my Patreon campaign is working.

As soon as I reach this goal, I will become a patron myself, supporting other content creators on Patreon. For every additional $100 I get, I will support another content creator, and so on.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 36 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 36 exclusive posts

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