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$1 /mo
You will get our most sincere thanks.  Every little bit helps and you have the pleasure of knowing that you helped us keep the show going :)

$10 /mo
Your New Title: Friend of the Show - you will be highlighted on our PATRONS page and you will have our most sincere thanks :)

$20 /mo
Your New Title: Crush of the Show - you're special to us and we want to hang out with.  Like, a lot.  So why not come hang out with us on an exclusive live cast and interact with u...

$30 /mo
Your New Title: Lover of the Show - You love us, and we love you.  We love you so much in fact that we want to give you the latest episode of your favorite podcast of ours a day ea...

$35 /mo
Your New Title: Spouse of the Show - We'll send you a t-shirt of your choice from the Mary & Blake Store and a signed picture of us :) PLUS all lower level rewards

$40 /mo
Your New Title: The "You Complete Me" of the Show - you just stole our heart and you know what makes us tick. This group of people will be able to help discuss the creatives of yo...

$100 /mo
Ah, who cares about titles now - you're the Allie to our Noah from The Notebook - we'd come back to you every day even if you had alzheimers to help you remember how much we love y...