Mary Clare Rietz is creating socially engaged art

You got access!!

$1 /mo
My ideas usually come first as complete visions that download themselves into my brain. Of course, they evolve as the work develops, and that's fun to see too. 

At this level, you'll...


Let's break it down!

$5 /mo
I'll share the inside scoop re: the HOWs of past, recent and current work. Not only interesting for those curious about social practice art, but relevant for community organizing, community develop...

Credit where credit's DUE!

$10 /mo
Hey, if you're going to support my work, I'm going to tell the world! (with your permission, of course:-) 

Your name listed wherever work you've supported is being shown, done, perfo...


Let's hang OUT (on Google)

$20 /mo
A meet-up with me and other patrons via Google Hangout to talk shop. Even if your "shop" is different from my "shop," you're interested in work I'm doing, I know I'll be interested in what you're u...

A drawing just for YOU!

$50 /mo
Yep, I'm a social practice artist, but drawing is my first LOVE, and I have a regular practice. At this level, I'll draw something personalized, just for you, plus you'll get all previous rewards. ...

I'll be your consultant

$100 /mo
I've often said, if I could get paid for ideas... Well, here's an opportunity for you and I to benefit from just that! At this level, you get an hour of my time, by phone or video chat, to focus on...