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About Mary Kit Caelsto

Thank you for visiting my page. By supporting me you'll directly help me get the medical care and medications that I need. (See below for more information.)

Anything over the initial goal, will go toward our direct funds to help us buy groceries, take care of the household, and help my family recover from financial hardship. Recently I lost my mother. (October 2018). I'd been getting paid to take care of her, as she'd been wheelchair bound for over a year. (In addition to working a full-time job, which is awesome and let me work from home during this time.)  With her passing, I lost a substantial part of my income. (40% of my W-2 income I figured out after doing taxes). In addition, the physical work of caring for a bedbound adult for nearly two years took a toll on my physical and emotional health. This was on top of the backlog of healthcare that I'd let go either through no/bad insurance or simply not being able to leave mom long enough to go to the doctor.

My full-time job does not cover all of our living expenses. My husband cannot work due to his health conditions. If I earn a certain amount with my writing and virtual assistant work , I can cover the bare basics and food for us. However, the process of healing takes time and energy and is taking longer than I ever thought. So to say things are tight is an understatement. This is why your support is so important and means so much.

You'll find a little bit of everything here, but here's my focus:
  • I'm an author of women's lit (equestrian focused) and rural fantasy. I've got a couple of stories planned to share first with my Patreons, including bringing my love of music into my women's lit. I also write nonfiction and am working on Chronically Disposable: A mother/daughter memoir of life and death in a rural healthcare system
  • I share mental health/chronic illness awareness and advocacy. I'm a chronic pain/fibromyalgia patient who has been medically abandoned due to the "war on opioids" who has finally found a doctor who may treat her fibromyalgia. In addition I have major depression, generalized anxiety disorder, and cPTSD. 
  • I'm a muse mentor! How do you stay writing and creative when life happens? I talk about my journey as a caretaker and the important role self-advocacy (I don't like self-care as a term) and healing plays in your creativity.
Expect 2-4 posts from me a week
Mondays: Writing Advice (posts to my blog 2 weeks later except for special series)
Thursday: General Updates
Once a week: Mental Health/Chronic Illness

If you’ve read this far—thank you. I hope you’ll decide to support me.
$43 of $100 per month
This is the amount I need to cover my medications, my medical payments, and have a little left over to help the family budget.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 117 exclusive posts
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