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About Mary Kit Caelsto

I am a multi-genre published author with a passion for helping authors (Epona Author Solutions)and for helping women find clarity and peace of mind to build a life they love no matter what challenges they face. (Charmed Chicken Holistic Living) You'll find all three here!

You'll find a little bit of everything here, but here's my focus:
  • I'm an author of women's lit (equestrian focused), romance (also equestrian focused) and rural fantasy and mythology fantasy. I hope to take my fantasy into a couple new genres this year, because I believe in chasing plot bunnies!
  • I share mental health/chronic illness awareness and advocacy. I'm a chronic pain/fibromyalgia patient trying to find a better way. In addition I have major depression, generalized anxiety disorder, and cPTSD. I'm about to finish my Associates of Science in Agriculture and parlay that into a bachelor's and baster's degrees I can use for mental health services.
  • I run Epona Author Solutions ( helping authors write fearlessly and overcome their inner demons. 
  • In 2021 Charmed Chicken Holistic Life Solutions will open offering life coaching and yoga. This is an expansion of the work that I'm doing personally and the trainings I'm currently involved in.
What does this all mean?????
It means that I'm offering a little bit of everything.

Fiction Writing
I'm currently offering two free stories, Lepus Magic (fantasy/mental health) and Playing to Dreams (band women's lit) and ALL patreons receive access to these stories.

I will be continuing my Saturday's Mental Health posts and post other things as I'm moved to do so. You'll also gain access into some of the services I offer through Epona Author Solutions and Charmed Chicken Holistic Life Solutions. I'll also be using this to share our homestead projects as we rehabilitate our home, because I truly derive a lot of peace and inspiration from our rural life.

Who am I besides all of this?
I'm someone who has always followed her dreams. In high school all I wanted to do was write romance novels and work on a horse farm. I followed my own compass and chased my dreams, no matter how off the beaten path they've taken me. Currently, I'm in the Ozarks (southern Missouri) living on a homestead with my horses, my very charmed chickens and poultry, two pet pigs, enough cats to make me a crazy cat lady, and my husband who supports me every step of the way. I've faced my challenges head on, whether it was providing 24/7 nursing support to my mother (I'm a computer geek. Thankfully mom was a nurse educator) until her passing, dealing with my health challenges, or even just figuring out who I am and what I want to do.

I've been trained in Reiki I & II. As of this writing working on my 200HR Yoga Teacher Training along with some other certifications, and in spite of working full-time, also going back to college full-time to finish up that degree I began when I graduated high school in 1993.

Your support here will help me to live more fully on my homestead, support our projects here, and help me grow and offer more services.

If you’ve read this far—thank you. I hope you’ll decide to support me.
$13.57 of $250 per month
With this goal, I can cover medications for my husband, my supplements, and the horses' supplements, and start to catch up on deferred health maintenance
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