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About Mashasomik

Despite my art education only around 2 years ago i have understood that all i want to do is being an artist. That's the only thing that makes me absolutely fantastically happy. I can not live without sharing. I am feeling happy when my art finds a response in the viewers heart. 

I pose myself as an abstract artist. I believe that only abstractly we can speak wider, louder and more. There are energies, emotions and feelings that do not have physical embodiment in the real world. In my opinion, art appears when you run out of words. 

My aim is to bring the abstract world closer to people, to help raising  intuitive and spiritual sides of the body. I wish my art would give joy! I wish people to switch off their brains and to open their hearts.
My aim is to show the world that we all have inside ourselves.

I believe that art is for everyone. I believe that art should be everywhere, not only in galleries and museums. I see myself as a free artist and i can not exist without the support.
My job is being an artist. So i wish to thank all of you for your support and faith!

Here i would like to share the process of creating my art, to make it as a small diary.
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