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Since 2010, Mash Those Buttons has been creating content dedicated to games, game communities, and games culture. We started off by focusing on news and reviews, eventually moved into writing editorials, dabbled in video a bit, and more recently, have been focusing primarily on podcasts.

No matter the medium, our goal has always been to create content that informed, entertained, and educated people who enjoy games just as much as we do. If you enjoy our content and want to help us create more of it, or just dig our mission, we could use your help as a Patron.

Mash Those Buttons is an independent outlet, and as of July 2019, we have published over 1200 podcast episodes across 10 shows. We work hard to produce high quality shows that are accessible, but also pull no punches.

Our shows range from community focused podcasts like Double Tap, to more focused shows like the story & lore driven The Tauren & The Goblin, to even educational series like Prepare to Attack. We love games, love talking about them, and are always looking for ways to expand our content so we can do more of what we love. This is where patrons can help!

Patreon contributions help in many different ways:

Software and Equipment
It can help by allowing us to license software or purchase better equipment that will help with current production or even bring new ideas to fruition.

Production and New Content
Since we are independent and run ad-free, all of our production, post-production, and artwork is done in-house. Contributions from our patrons can help us to off-load some of this work which will give us more time to develop and produce new content.

Additionally, Patreon contributions will help offset our infrastructure costs (podcast and web server hosting).

Here’s a look at what we are currently producing. With your help, we’ll be adding more to this list:

Double Tap is our podcast dedicated to the Fighting Game Community. FGC news, recent events, and community buzz are discussed weekly.

Dropping Spicy is our podcast dedicated to Apex Legends and it's community with special emphasis on dissecting business decisions, patch and balance changes, and our own take on the development roadmap based on our experience with the gaming industry that you won't find in other Apex podcasts.

Push the Point is an Overwatch League podcast focused on discussing the events surrounding the league, its players, storylines, and marquee matchups.

SITREP Radio is our weekly podcast dedicated to The Division 2 and it's community. Each week we discuss the current state of the game, upcoming events and patches, community issues, and more.

The Tauren & the Goblin is our podcast that focuses on the story and lore of the World of Warcraft with topics ranging from recent in-game events to Azeroth's titanic history, usually with the added perspective of playing Tauren and Goblin characters, respectively.

A light-hearted Final Fantasy XIV podcast focused on community. Come join us for all your quality of life needs and listen to us pronounce every city and NPC name horribly wrong!

WoW! Talk! is our bi-weekly podcast about World of Warcraft. Expect to hear news, rumors, and just the general on goings in the WoW world.

$22 of $200 per month
Revive Let's Get Critical
Let's Get Critical was our game post-mortem show. Not really a review, but more of an analysis of a game after we have fully played it. We will bring Let's Get Critical to all Patreon Tiers if we hit this goal.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 41 exclusive posts
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 41 exclusive posts
Audio releases
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