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You will gain access to my interiors for GTA V/ Fivem.

This includes old interiors and new interiors to come!

- Courthouse

- Skatepark

- Mansion interior 1

- Mansion interior 2 / garden

- Recording Studio

- Vanilla Unicorn life

- Paleto House 1

- Grove Street House 2

- Legion Life

- Church interior

- Mission Row street Cafe interior

- VInewood Restaurant interior

Future confirmed interiors:

- Giant Police Station, Courthouse and Fire Department built into one building.

- Apocalypse GTA V.

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About Masi42

Hey, i'm Masi42 and I like to create stuff.

You can become a Patron today to gain access to all of my most advanced creations!

Some of these creations are great for RP and can be reused in certain circumstances like a repeatable house interior for example.

You are welcome to join my Discord for any needs!

I am happy to respond to personal requests and give out help! I am also always after suggestions and ideas so come say hello! :)

Thank you to all who support me and to all who have contributed their time and skills to create the needed programs.

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