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About Mason Engel

Hi, I'm Mason. I dream of writing the kind of novels that inspired me as a child, and that could inspire children around the world. I dream of creating a free system to teach young writers how to master the craft. And I dream of local bookstores being hubs for learning, literacy, and community. For three years I've worked 80 hour-weeks in pursuit of these dreams, and for three years no one has paid me a cent. But it’s my choice, and I accept that. So I live with my parents, and I borrow money from family to keep my dreams afloat. The problem is, they’re sinking.

My career will continue to flounder until I meet the people I need to meet: agents and editors and other authors. And to meet those people, I need to go to as many workshops, conventions, and conferences as possible. And to go to these events, I need an income. Who knew?

This is where Patreon comes in. If I can earn a modest income from the site (emphasis on “modest”), I can go to conventions, increase my chances of getting an agent, and eventually land a publishing deal: the beginnings of a sustainable income.

But I’m not asking something for nothing. This isn’t a charity case; it’s a Patreon account, and that means you get something in return for your patronage. I’m really excited to share the perks with you—I have some really cool stuff coming your way—but I’m getting ahead of myself. What is this “Patreon” thing, anyway?

Remember learning about artists from the Renaissance period? The Da Vincis, Michelangelos, Raphaels? You probably also learned about their patronage system. A rich family (the Medicis, or somebody) would serve as a “patron” family to a certain artist, supporting the artist financially, and in return, that artist would paint family portraits for them, dedicate art in their name, and so on. Essentially, for sponsoring the artist, the patron family gets certain perks. So if you sponsor me, with one of the tiers on the right-hand side of your screen, you too will get some perks. And boy, are they perky.

Here are some things you can get, in exchange for a few bucks a month. A prequel to “2084” (“Newsight”). A podcast newsletter. Original songs. Behind the scenes videos and vlogs about my trips and conventions. An audiobook. And besides all that, less tangibly, you’ll get the assurance that your money is going toward worthy work: creating stories that inspire our young generations, teaching young writers (for free) how to create those stories, and advocating for the bookstores that spread those stories to our communities.

I could, but here’s the thing: in order to keep myself alive, while still progressing with my writing, I need a job that doesn’t steal all of my writing time. A traditional job, while it might pay better than a Patreon, would keep me away from my true work for 20-40 hours per week. A Patreon will require only 8-10 hours of work per month, and that work is almost perfectly aligned with my main work, because it will be spent creating content for you all. So Patreon, while untraditional and less lucrative, will maximize my writing time, and therefore my chances of making it in the publishing industry.

Writers are already supporting themselves through the site, so I know this is a valid option for me. NK Jemisin, a fantasy author, makes over $5,000/month. Seanan McGuire, another author, makes over $10,000/month. And while both are much, much better known than I am, I have a feeling neither of them has my kind of hustle 😉

The cool thing for you all, besides the exclusive, Patron-only content you’ll be getting, is that there’s no contract or anything; it’s a month to month thing. So if you try for a month and feel like I’m not delivering enough value, ditch me, no hard feelings.

There are other creators on here you could support, and if you have the means to, you totally should. But if you have to choose just one, I can guarantee you no one will deliver more value per dollar than I will. I can also guarantee you no one will spend your money more frugally than I will. I eat, I sleep, and I work on my three projects. So if you believe in what I’m doing, if you believe in the power of stories, in the young people they can inspire, in the community created by local bookstores, you’re in the perfect place to become a Patron. The tiers are on your right, and all my best content is just a click away. I’ll see you on the other side, and I’ll be waiting with a little surprise 😊
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For $1,000, I can attend one major convention per month, and markedly increase my chances of meeting my dream agent. This is what will allow me to launch my publishing career.
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