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Right side of history

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Every dollar counts! Not everyone can contribute 5, 10 20 dollars a month. Give what you can! 

At this level you gain access to patron-only polls and surveys to help shape future development.  

Antifa Supersoldier

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At $5 a month you get the secret Supersoldier formula, which allows you inhuman ability to brigade, doxx, commit ad-hominem fallacies, silence free speech, and be just as bad as the nazis {You know who else marked his political opponents? Hitler).

I'll also add your name in the thank you section of the masstagger! 

Nazi annihilator

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You are an antifascist icon. The chuds cower in your wake as their free speech is stolen from their very lips. The masstagger thrums with power whenever you log on, powered by the screams of a million incels, nazis, and racists. 

At this tier I'll add you to the thank you list, and mail you some homemade masstagger stickers




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About morpen

Hello! I'm morpen. I'm the author of the infamous reddit masstagger. Here, you can support the development and operations costs of the masstagger!
$42.52 of $6,000 per month
If you give me $6000 a month I'll quit my job and work on Masstagger full time
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