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I'm going to add in a bit of an ancient Chinese flavour to my reward tier names. The first gate keeper to government is always the examiner during the imperial examinations.

You'll be part of a group of people that I will reach out to whenever I need feedback on what to write on. I'll also keep you in the loop on how I'm planning to develop and grow this sideline of mine.
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Officially a scholar after the imperial examinations!

If you wish to show more support by pledging a higher amount, I would be really grateful. Everything added up, it eventually end up being a really meaningful amount I can put to good use.
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This is the point where I start to feel really, really obliged to turn this into something awesome just for you. I want my blog and content to serve as an inspiration to others, so thank you for helping me get there!

If you've always been interested in Chinese metaphysics and am studying it yourself, you'll gain access to case studies to on my blog to help you along the way.




My Background
Hi everyone! My name's Sean and I am a Chinese metaphysics consultant, or what is popularly known as a feng shui master or 'fortune-teller' in my side of the world. I was born in Taiwan and I came to Singapore when I was only 4 months old and pretty much spent my whole life here. 

If you're wondering why a young chap like me is in a field like this, it's because life pushed me towards this direction. I won't bore everyone with my long-winded stories here, but if you're ever interested, feel free to drop by my Facebook page (has to be via Desktop) to read some of the notes I've written, or head over to my blog to check out some of the articles I've wrote on this field.

I had a tough start to life, so I turned to books, in particular books on philosophy to get me where am I today. Naturally, I got into Chinese philosophy and eventually ventured into metaphysics and turns out I have quite an affinity with it.

I did not go into this field with the intention to monetize it - I went into it purely out of curiosity and also because I needed some guidance in life. I made the decision to put out there the day I came to realize how impactful this form of knowledge could be to someone, and also largely due to how distorted this field has become and how much damage is being done. I wanted to set things right by educating people about this field. Feng shui has never been about placing items around the house, but yet it is now seen as such. Annual zodiac forecasts whenever Chinese New Year approaches is a completely made up practice that is not only misleading, but dangerous to someone who someone who does not understand this field because they are going to end up making the wrong decisions.

I have a full-time job and I do not intend to do this metaphysics consulting sideline of mine full-time. I don't wish to be in a situation where I'm under pressure for sales and create moral hazards for myself. When I don't rely on this sideline for my survival, I get to keep my intentions pure and write only what's true, instead of what gets people part with their money. There is a reason why so many 'practitioners' out there are selling feng shui items - simply because it's easy money because it's easy to sell hope to a desperate individual in dire straits. Chinese metaphysics is one of those fields where there absolutely should not be any push for sales or upselling.

I really, really want to put an end to people getting taken advantage of by 'practitioners' promising life changing effects with the use of charms or feng shui items, and 'practitioners' who are fabricating facts and theory, hoping to get more revenue out of it. This is ultimately what drives me.

Why Am I On Patreon?
I'm finding new ways to grow this consulting sideline of mine and I guess I see Patreon as a platform I am willing to experiment on. My blog is very well received for its content and many people have reached out saying they enjoy reading my blog, so I really wish to take it to the next level. I really do enjoy writing about this esoteric field I have an affinity for, and I hope more time can be freed up for me to write. Of course, being on Patreon gives me another channel for outreach, and I hope to connect with people outside of Southeast Asia as well.

What The Income Here Will Be For
Yes, I have a full-time job and I'm also earning from consultations, and those would be going into my future home and building a family which I never had the chance to enjoy growing up. Whatever income I'll be earning from Patreon won't be going into my personal expenses, but will be reinvested into whatever I need to do to develop my website, getting the tools and help I need to help me bring this passion of mine to another level. I will be transparent about this and post the expenditures on my Patreon page and newsletters.

Eventually, I hope to free up some of my time conducting consultations to focus on creating a self-sustaining platform for educating people on the right way to approach Chinese metaphysics, seeing it as a great self-help tool instead of magical cure to life's challenges.

Some of the things I'll be using income from Patreon would go to:

  • Web Hosting & Creating A Forum: As the traffic from my website keeps growing, I'll eventually need to move it to better servers that can deliver a better experience for my readers.
  • MailChimp: I'm building a subscriber base, and this will eventually be a cost as well.
  • Web Development: I'm always finding ways to make my website better, and would want to outside this to someone.
  • Better, Richer Content: I do hope to develop richer and more engaging content in future instead of just using words. My website is extremely wordy, and it's not exactly appealing.
  • Getting Help: I'm burning the candle from both ends, and I'm reaching the stage where I really need to get some help from freelancers or even hiring a full-time staff to assist me.

That's all for now. I'll update this page once in a while to share more if I can. If you wish to get to know me better, please do visit my personal Facebook page's Note section and my blog. I'm really quite an open book!

Thank You
If you've read this far, thank you so much for your time and for being interested in my mission and story. Don't be shy to reach out if you wish to have a chat!
0% complete
I'm new here so this is really just to kick things off. When I reach this goal, I hope to get a freelancer to hope me work on my website's design so that I can focus on creating content for my blog while giving you the best possible browsing experience.

Once I reach this goal, I'll free up some of my bandwidth to post weekly case studies that everyone can study from.
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