Sean Chan is creating a platform to educate people on Chinese metaphysics


$1 /mo
I'm going to add in a bit of an ancient Chinese flavour to my reward tier names. The first gate keeper to government is always the examiner during the imperial examinations.

You'll be part...

Imperial Scholar

$5 /mo
Officially a scholar after the imperial examinations!

If you wish to show more support by pledging a higher amount, I would be really grateful. Everything added up, it eventually end up be...


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This is the point where I start to feel really, really obliged to turn this into something awesome just for you. I want my blog and content to serve as an inspiration to others, so thank you for he...


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At this point I'm already a bit lost for what to say. It's my first time using Patreon. I would be really amazed and humbled if people really supported me to this extent when I'm just a stranger th...

Heir To The Throne

$50 /mo
This is going to go an extremely long way in helping me in my mission to educate everyone on Chinese metaphysics. I do hope to hire someone to help me manage small small projects, and this will go ...

The Emperor

$100 /mo
I would be speechless. I don't think I deserve this level of support from anyone, but I assure you every dollar here will be put to into my mission of helping others with my knowledge.