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Every Baht counts. To help us continue doing what we are doing, we can use all the help you can offer to us. With $10 you can show us your support and share the love you have for performing arts through us.

Love you and thank you! 

Get this musical started!

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US$100 per month will give us a nice boost towards our next musical project! We will use your money to make the magic on stage happen and help our little ones fulfill their dreams. You can be a part of that and help us to make this happen!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Make it happen!

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You love what we are doing and you'd like to tell us, "You can do it!". With this pledge you are clearing our path to the next level, the next production and you will become one of the producers of our next musical.

We love you and thank you! Thank you! Thank you!




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About MasterClass Studio


We are MasterClass Studio!

At MasterClass Studio we are creating theatre, plays and musicals for and with children.

Because pictures can say more than words. I would like to invite you to take a look at our musical production of I will Dream of You Peter Pan from 2019 with a cast of 30+ children and 15 Adults:

So this is what we do. It is a lot of work. To see the result. To feel the spirit of those young actors. To train them. To get them to the level where they can perform on stage like this makes it all worthwhile.

This was an original musical with original script and original soundtrack all produced by MasterClass Studio. As you can imagine for the production of such a musical there are a lot of costs involved!

- Writing of the script
- Composition + recording of music
- Dance choreographers
- Singing Coaches
- Costumes
- Make up and hair
- Lighting design
- The production team
- Catering for a team of 100+ people
- The PR Team
- Plus all the stage hands that are working behind the scenes to make this possible 

The Thai government has shown little support for our work so far and in order to continue our work we need your support. 

We want to create more plays and musicals with and for children and we hope to take these abroad, too!

Become our patron now and help us to make our dreams and those of our children come true!
$111.49 of $300 per month
300 Dollars in one month will allow us to cover our basic operational costs.
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