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About MasterEth

My name is Ethan: A YouTuber who is providing analytical content to the internet!

Originally, "My goal with YouTube is to create clean, analytical videos for the internet." While I still stand by that, I said that statement years ago when I first started my patreon because I didn't know what the focus of my channel was...but now I know. 

See, the entire point of my channel is to find amazing things that aren't well known on the internet and make videos about them so that way more people can know about said amazing things. That's the type of content I make now, and will continue to in the future.

Now, while I always dream to make YouTube my full-time profession, I realize that with my specific content that I make, it'll be a long time before it gains any real traction. Hence why I started my own business editing for other people, making my channel take a backseat as of right now because my channel isn't making that much. I'm still working on my projects every single day...but at the same time...I gotta make money to live. So with that said, the more money that goes into supporting my own Creative efforts, the more of a priority I can make it, meaning more videos can be made most likely in less time, which means more videos about amazing things on the internet that deserve way more credit then they currently have.

So, if you're interested in supporting my passion financially, please feel free to do so! :D We've got a GREAT community here, and YOU are very welcome here!

I hope you have a great day!


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